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We specialise in serious trauma resolution. Philip Dutton has provided pro bono humanitarian aid following international disasters to resolve PTSD (& other issues) for professionals, first responders, families and especially where communities of children are affected. He has been active in Community Healing in Scotland UK after the 1996 Dunblane school massacre; the 1999 earthquakes in Istanbul, Turkey; and after the earthquakes destroyed a school in San Giuliano, Italy. He has offered assistance in the USA after floods & hurricanes, 9-11 and the Sandy Hook school shooting Newtown CT. (assisted by the Resilliency Centre) and also after several other international disasters.

Synapse currently offers treatment for individuals, (adults, mothers and children) for a wide range of conditions which will shortly be listed on other pages within this site. Philip has 35 years of experience (25 as NHS Consultant Clinical Psychologist as a maternal and child health specialist.

Until the site is fully operational and for further information please go to www.brainspotting.uk