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Synapse-ti and Health-Psychology welcome you.

We specialise in training therapists, doctors and individuals for complex trauma resolution and every-day, yet serious anxieties.  Philip Dutton has provided pro bono international humanitarian aid following disasters to resolve PTSD (& other issues) for professionals, first responders, families and especially where communities of children are affected.    

Philip has been active in international Community Healing since the 1996 Dunblane school shooting in Scotland UK.  Interventions were developed, fine-tuned and taken to the 1999 earthquakes in Istanbul, Turkey and then after that  to the school that earthquakes destroyed in San Giuliano, Italy. 

Assistance was also offered in the USA after floods & hurricanes, after 9-11 and more recently, Philip visited the Sandy Hook community in Newtown CT one year after the school shooting there. He held meetings at the Resiliency Centre for survivors and saw professionals and first responders in various other local places. Philip continues to assist therapists and survivors after UK and international disasters and he is also continuing to develop a new therapy based on a Snakes and Ladders model (see Dutton & Ashworth 2015) suitable for the general public and helpful for most issues of every day anxiety through to military veterans.

Synapse-ti and Philip currently offer treatment for individuals, (adults, mothers and children) for a wide range of conditions and train professionals for psychological  trauma resolution.  Philip has 36 years of experience (25 as NHS Consultant Clinical Psychologist and maternal and child health specialist).  He has co-authored new papers on the Natural History of Recovery from Psychological Trauma. Dutton Ashworth: Medical Hypotheses 85 (2015) 588–590.  

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Please keep your attention ready for the next phase of Snakes and Ladders, the first is on the very next page and already published.  

Our second phase is currently being written up as a therapy route.  All the Ladders are now labelled as crucial stages in therapy and the Snakes labeled as natural relapse points on your journey to good health and wellbeing.  There are a series of decision points on anyone's journey where making the correct selection will enhance the speed at which you recover towards full balanced functioning. Maslow's self-actualisation?  

Who knows what the best we can be is?  We do - internally and subconsciously our bodies are aiming at that and homeostasis all the time. Sometimes we can thwart their progress with too much thinking.  Sometimes we must learn to feel again.  Each and every stage is marked so that we know exactly where we are on our way 'home' to wellness and happiness or contentment.  

One of us, a general practitioner has fine tuned the best in therapy so that within a month or so of 10 minute weekly sessions most people are anxiety free compared to when they first came in and this has been measured (& audited) on the HAD scale. Watch here for more.  Self therapy has never been closer.  

Thank you all those who have supported us.