Here will soon feature articles about a variety of topics - relating mostly to self help.

Topics will feature helpful TED talks that I have watched and will include some personal interests, such as music, as well as interests below...

Marshall Rosenberg on Non-Violent Communication. (You Tube)

Amy Cuddy on Faking it until you become it, how posture feeds back to us as much as our body language feeds others information. (TED)

Brene Brown regarding authenticity.(TED)  

Kinsukuroi - the Japanese art of repairing something with Gold so that the repaired article is more beautiful with it's strengthened self.  A concept to apply to human healing. (Internet)

Articles regarding my visits to other communities and self healing for communities and first responders and therapists - internationally. (Personal) 

I look forwar to discussing many items here, including... Snakes and Ladders. (Innovative Professional Developments.)