Personal Mini CV and Biography

Philip Dutton B.Sc., Dip. Clin. Psychol., C. Psychol., A.F.B.Ps.S.

Retired Consultant Clinical Psychologist  and Consultant Neurosomatic Psychotherapist

Retired Founding Brainspotting Trainer UK       Telephone  - 03300 500 555 -  Edinburgh

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Philip has spent the last 36 years helping adults and children to heal and overcome their fears and difficulties.  He specialised in maternal and child health and trauma for 25 years in the N.H.S. where he was head of a Department of Child and Family Clinical Psychology in Scotland.  He worked in hospital-based clinics, a maternity clinic & GP surgery.  He is experienced in treating a wide variety of psychological and psychosomatic conditions, including complex trauma in survivors of abuse and other tragedies.  Philip has supervised therapists throughout his career and he was an Honorary Fellow of the University of Edinburgh for 10 years where he lectured on the doctoral course for clinical psychologists, on psychosomatic disorders and bereavement and various child-trauma treatments including play-therapy and EMDR.  He has developed and presented many workshops internationally for professionals about working with children after serious and complex trauma, disasters and bereavement.  He has also developed and presented courses for parents and professionals in effective child management.  He has presented keynote speeches on working with serious trauma in the UK and held international workshops (in Europe, Canada and the USA) and master-classes on resolving child-trauma after disasters.  He is author of the book “Superkids” and a 3rd edition is now being finalised.

Philip is keenly interested in many clinical conditions that respond well to therapy, including psychosomatic disorders, bereavement, chronic pain, self-harm and phobias.  His special interests also focus on creative performance skills that can be improved markedly.  Many problems have their roots in early trauma that might seem insignificant to adults at the time.

Philip’s first major interest in trauma was after the 1996, Dunblane shooting tragedy when he was privileged to extend his expertise while offering therapy to the Dunblane community and subsequently assisted other international trauma and catastrophe survivors.  As an EMDR Facilitator (on their Humanitarian Assistance Program) he went to Turkey to help train therapists after the 1999 earthquakes.  He supervised Italian therapists and helped train them in working with children with complex trauma and bereavement, after a school collapsed in San Giuliano di Puglia in 2002 & 2003, where he also personally helped families, teachers, first-responders and other therapists.  In November 2013, he was honoured to be asked to assist the USA community of Newtown CT, close to the first anniversary of the Sandy Hook school shooting, directly because of his involvement with Dunblane.

In summary, after a thorough grounding in the British NHS, Philip teaches and specialises in trauma therapy for adults and children and has done so since 1996.  Philip is passionate about healing communities and continues to offer assistance and supervision to therapists internationally, who work with adults and children, on the serious after-effects of catastrophes and complex trauma.  He has often participated in media presentations on live television and radio and has featured in newspaper articles about how to assist children following various shootings and other disasters.

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