All conditions are influenced by our reactions to hidden issues (what appear to have been very small issues) when we were children - which teach our bodies how to react in the future. 

With the best parents in the world, there will be times when we will have been afraid or shocked, even if not traumatised. A small shock to a child can have life-long lasting consequences. Parents might be unaware that even saving their child's life might set the conditions for trauma.

Our trauma is hidden like a reflex, not available to our conscious, cognitive, problem-solving brain. The problem is now thought to lie in our mid-brain or mesencephalon which is the portal to our body. The channel through which our brain communicates with the body.  

It is essential that we use a profound therapy that accesses and connects with our body because just talking will not achieve this.  We need more than talk-therapy for trauma. The best counsellors know this.  Counselling and careful listening might be the best way to become ready for therapy - but we need skill and understanding to help us heal the deep effects of trauma in the body.  All conditions listed below are helped by the newest kinds of therapies that access where we store the effects of trauma in our brain and body.

Synapse-ti assists Therapists, Doctors, First Responders, Children and Adults and specialise in Complex Trauma.   Many other conditions are also assisted.

CAPITALS below indicate a special interest.

ANXIETY many kinds and reasonssee SNAKES & LADDERS Model

Behaviour Problems


Depression and Sadness

Emotional problems including Anxiety Sensitivity Anger and Aggression

Eating Disorders

Obsessive or Compulsive Thoughts, Worries and Behaviours

PAIN (Chronic Pain not acute medical conditions)

Performance Issues (Writer's Block, Sports Problems (Yips), Musician's improvisation, Actors' Performance and Confidence issues)

Psychosomatic conditions (allergies occasionally)


Sleep issues.

TRAUMA including complex trauma

(We do not undertake marital or couples work or alcohol or substance dependencies.)